Our philosophy – We treat others as we would like to be treated

We strive to retain and conserve all natural teeth and tooth material. This includes:

  • Using restorative fillings until, for example, crowns or implants are necessary
  • Leaving existing dental work that is still aesthetically and functionally satisfactory

We keep the patient informed:

  • Providing the patient with different treatment options
  • Explaining the benefits and consequences of each treatment option
  • Clarifying the associated cost of each option
  • Advising patients on achieving natural, esthetic and enhanced dental function
  • Clarifying what we are doing step by step

We allocate sufficient time to each patient

  • Some patients truly dislike oral treatment of any kind or are very fearful and thus need more chair time
  • Prosthetic dentistry is complex work involving unbroken concentration to detail. Major restorative treatment sessions may involve several individual visits of 2-3 hours and sometimes even longer.
  • Additionally, we support the conservative and proper use of sedatives and anesthetics.
  • We do not use N2O (nitrous oxide gas) to numb a patient – Dr. Klostermyer is known for pain-free Novocain injections.
  • Rarely does a patient request or need a mild sedative.