The History of Advanced Dentistry of Richmond

In August 2012 Advanced Dentistry of Richmond was founded by Dr. Klostermyer via the acquisition of Dr. Richard D. Wilson Ltd., Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Wilson was a general dentist who practiced for more than 40 years in the Richmond area and is well known for his high standards and exceptional skills in the areas of treatment planning, prosthetic and restorative dentistry. In April 2012 the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry named the new Periodontal Clinic in honor of Dr. Wilson and his friend and colleague Dr. J. Gary Maynard, a periodontist, recognizing their careers dedicated to service, research and teaching.

Our goal at Advanced Dentistry of Richmond is to advance the treatment standards and practices established by Dr. Wilson. We achieve this by offering our patients thorough treatment planning together with the most technologically advanced materials and techniques available in the fields of restorative and esthetic dentistry. For more information please see the tab ‘What makes us different’.

Dr. Ursula Klostermyer DDS Advanced Dentistry of Richmond office and artwork