Dental digital x-rays at Advanced Dentistry of Richmond

The latest form of x-ray imaging is digital radiography, where a digital x-ray sensors instead of a traditional photographic film is used. This allows the most accurate and efficient diagnosis, the digital exchange of data between specialists and thus a more rapid development of interdisciplinary treatment plans. A small sensor is connected directly to a computer instead of a film packet. The digital sensor is placed behind the tooth to capture the x-rays. The images will be quickly viewed on the computer monitor, with no development step in-between. Since the digital x-ray exposure is shorter than conventional x-rays, the amount of x-ray radiation is reduced by up to 90 percent! At Advanced Dentistry of Richmond, we have digital x-ray machines which no longer require the staff to wear x-ray badges as was once prescribed by the Virginia Department of Health.

Some advantages of digital x-rays:

  • Faster and more efficient
  • View images instantly
  • Less radiation exposure
  • Images can be enhanced to improve viewing
  • Images can be stored and sent via email electronically
  • Use of chemicals can be avoided as would be necessary in the traditional developing process

digital x-rays