Need professional tooth whitening Richmond, VA?

What can professional tooth whitening do for you?

Look years younger and have more confidence!

Through professional tooth whitening in Richmond VA, you will look years younger and have more confidence. Your teeth might gain resistance to future stains and discoloration. You will experience long-lasting results if you avoid tooth staining habits.

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Is professional in-office whitening for everyone?

With an oral examination, we determine if our whitening services are right for you. If a patient has tooth decay or sensitive teeth, tooth whitening may not be an appropriate treatment option at that time. Our professional process can remove even difficult stains. Although, some patients teeth may become up to eight shades lighter, this is not possible in all cases.

Why have your teeth become discolored?

Consumption of staining drinks and foods can lead to tooth discoloration. Foods that cause this include berries, coffee, tea, and red wine. Also, carbonated drinks and even tomato sauce can affect the color of your teeth. Acidic or tannin-rich foods can be problematic. Habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco are also factors. These elements over time will lead to varying degrees of discoloration.

Now let’s look at your teeth whitening choices:

Tooth whitening vs. tooth bleaching

According to the FDA, tooth whitening restores natural tooth color. Tooth bleaching whitens beyond the natural color. Both whitening and bleaching use the same process to lighten teeth. The difference lies in the strength of the whitening solution and the length of the exposure.

What you need to know when whitening your teeth yourself

Overexposing teeth to a whitening gel can dehydrate the tooth. It can also increase tooth sensitivity. Note that bleaching will not whiten porcelain crowns or composite tooth-colored bondings/fillings. When bleaching at home, use products having a peroxide or carbamide concentration of 3%-20%.

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Professional whitening vs. DIY home teeth whitening:

At home teeth whitening choices include:

Over the counter whitening

Home whitening involves many applications of a less concentrated gel. There are three main methods of applying this gel: strips, gels, or a peroxide-filled tray. There are even touch-up pens for single teeth to be lightened after tooth whitening procedures.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste removes stains and polishes the teeth. It is the least effective choice compared to alternatives.

Tooth whitening strips or gels

You will need to perform either of these options once or twice a day for up to 14 days.

Professional dental whitening:

Peroxide-filled tray

Tray-based tooth whitening systems involve the use of a tray filled with a peroxide gel. Place the tray over the teeth for several hours a day. These trays should be custom-made for you at your dental office.

Professional in-office tooth whitening

Professional whitening will yield the quickest and most pronounced result. This procedure can be accomplished at our office in between 45-60 minutes. In our practice, we use the brand BOOST. It is a powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel and is chemically activated, so no external lighting is necessary.

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