What happens to a tooth when it gets a cavity and why?

Need your dental check for cavities filling in Richmond VA? Every person has a variety of naturally occurring microorganisms that inhabit their mouth. If left unchecked byursula-Klostermyer-DDS regular intervals of dental hygiene certain types of bacteria can proliferate and initiate tooth decay and gum inflammation. These bacteria can quickly metabolize simple sugars that remain in the mouth following the consumption of sweetened beverages and food. Optimum temperature and an abundant food supply contribute to a perfect environment that can induce an exponential increase in bacterial populations.

Want to know how cavities occur?

As the bacteria consume sugar they produce acidic exudates that drop pH and degrade the enamel (hard outer layer of teeth). Salivary glands in the mouth continually secrete pH-neutral saliva. This mitigates the negative effects of the bacteria.