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Emergencies for patients of record of Advanced Dentistry of Richmond

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. Advanced Dentistry of Richmond offers oral care dentistry for all our patients of record. We are ready for any dental emergencies which may arise. We offer emergency dental services during our office hours. We will get your pain under control. We focus on reducing the risk of long-term dental problems. Dr. Klostermyer has advanced training in emergency dental care. Her goal is to stabilize your dental problem and improve your dental health.

Not sure, if your dental problem is an emergency?

Oral care dentistry is very important to your overall health. To be safe and if you are in pain call us at (804) 282-7260. Or you can contact your primary care physician. Your mouth is located not far from your brain. An abscessed tooth infection can find its way into the brain. That is why it is important, if you have pain in your mouth or jaw, to contact a dentist or PCP. . Tooth abscesses can also create tooth loss, damage your jaw bone severely, or cause sinus problems. In an emergency situation, you might consider going to the emergency room of a hospital. 

Are you traveling in Virginia or Richmond and suffering from tooth pain?

Do you have an existing dentist you see regularly, but you live outside the Richmond area? Are you visiting family or in town for business? Has your tooth cracked? Do you have a loose crown, or did a filling fall out? Are you suffering from jaw pain, or do you have a toothache? Call us at  (804) 282-7260 during business hours. You do not have to be a patient of record in our practice, but you should have an existing dentist you see regularly.

Unplanned dental emergencies happen at any time

Often emergencies happen without warnings. Tooth pain from a cracked tooth or abscess can happen without prior notice. A crown can come loose at any time. Fillings can fall out depending on their age and other factors. Emergencies are not something you pencil into your daily planner. Dr. Klostermyer is a highly educated professional with years of experience. She is a prosthodontist, a specialist with a graduate degree in prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is the ADA recognized specialty of restorative dental treatment. Prosthodontists often have to take care of the repair or failed prior treatments. She can determine if your tooth has a cavity, an infection, an abscess, or another emergency.  She will provide the care you need. And she can restore any failed prior dental work or advise further treatment. Dentistry is her passion and oral health care is her primary concern.

Advanced Dentistry of Richmond provides emergency dental care for their patients of record.

Emergency Dental Services

Tooth pain is a common cause of emergency dental calls. If you experience pain, we can help. Dr. Klostermyer is a dentist and prosthodontist specialist for patients of record.  

We can help you with the following:

  • Chipped Teeth
  • Toothache
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Sore and swollen gums
  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Tooth Extractions
  • And other dental emergencies

Tips and hints for possible dental problems/emergencies 

  • Should a crown come off and your tooth is sensitive to cold, you can visit a drug store and get some denture adhesive like Fixodent or Poligrip. Then dry the tooth with paper or cotton and clean the crown and place a small amount of the denture adhesive into the crown to place the crown back in your mouth. Be careful to place it into the position. This is a short-term fix till the next meal – and you might have to repeat this procedure. 
  • Should a small piece of your denture break off you can get ortho wax at the drug store and place it onto the sharp area to find relief. You may take an emery board to smoothen the sharp edge.
  • Should you have a sore in your mouth you may rinse with a saltwater rinse. Keep it in your mouth for about 2 min, then expectorate. And repeat about 4 times daily till you can see a dentist. Of course, there are OTC medications in the drug stores to ease the discomfort or pain.
  • For tooth pain, you may take OTC painkillers like Motrin or Tylenol. You may alter between these medications. But try to see your dentist as soon as possible as you don’t want to drag out dental problems.

Our dental office is about 15 minutes from most locations in Richmond, VA

Our dental office is on the border of the City of Richmond and Henrico’s West End. Just South of Interstate highway 64 West of I 95. Exit Glenside Drive South from I 64. Turn right on Forest Ave and then your second right on Bayberry Ct. You will see our street sign. Our dental office is on the second floor. Our address is 7204 Glen Forest Drive,  Suite # 203, Richmond, Virginia  23226. Our phone number is (804) 282-7260. 

Revised April 2022